eXchange: China
Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCR805     Release Date: 1999-01-01

Ziu Changfu, erhu; Sun Guisheng, xiao; Gao Hong, pipa; Li Mengfan, zheng; Zhao Taisheng, daruan; Frank Su Huang, cello; Richard Foster, violin; Jameson Platte, cello; Kim Felder, flute; Katie Helms, clarinet; Kenneth Saxon, piano; Kawai Shiu, conductor; Evelyn Luest, piano

Music for Homemade Instruments: (Lisa Karrer, four cloud chamber bowls; Jody Kruskal, ninety-six-octave zither; Skip La Plante, kanon (zither); David Simons, eight propane canisters; Carole Weber, two broiler pans; Sima Wolf, thirty-one- octave metal pipes; Jason Kao Hwang, violin; James Fei, bass clarinet; Ying Yeh, soprano; Michael Lowenstern, clarinet; Ying Zhuo, violin; Chen Yuanlin, electronics; Tessa Brinckman, Karl Seely, Loren Dempster, conch shell; Byron Au Yong, Anna Vinten Johansen, prayer bowls; Ian Rashkin, string bass; Fred Ho, saxophone

Chinese Instrument Orchestra: Jin Xiang, conductor

As the United States continues to become a home for new immigrants and their children, our culture is continually enlivened by their presence, their living traditions, and their fresh perspectives. This is especially the case in American music, where the weaving of styles and traditions into new musical fabrics is a tradition in itself. There may be no better evidence of these phenomena than the vital Chinese music scene in American today.

In conceiving the project eXchange: China, CRI sought to highlight quality work of some lesser-known composers who are of Chinese heritage and currently living and working in the U.S. The large number of tapes and scores that came from our “call for submissions” confirmed our belief that there is a great deal of activity not yet documented on disc and that much of it is very good indeed.

This title, originally issued on the CRI label, is now available as a burn-on-demand CD (CD-R) or download in MP3/320, FLAC or WAV formats. CD-Rs come in a protective sleeve; no print booklet or jewel case included. Liner notes are accessible via the link above.

Various Artists

eXchange: China

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   Liner Notes

Track Listing

Woodman's Song
Ying Zhang
Yi Feng
Ge Gan-Ru
Winter Tide
Kawai Shiu
Luo Jing Jing
Flight of Whispers
Jason Kao Hwang
Chinese Music
James Fei
Flying Swan
Chen Yuanlin
Edge (excerpt)
Byron Au Yong
Absolute Solo!
Fred Ho
Sad Melody at Yanshi City
Jin Xiang