I, A.M. - Artist Mother Project: New Works for Violin and Electronics
Liner Notes   Cat. No. 80838     Release Date: 2022-10-07

New works for violin and electronics by Jen Baker, Zosha Di Castri, Natacha Diels, Ha-Yang Kim, Pamelia Stickney & Katharine Young

Olivia De Prato, violin

The inspiration and theme for these six new compositions is “Artistry and Motherhood.” The perennial question of whether a woman can be both an artist and a mother has been on my mind for a few years, having started a family myself in 2016. Important as it is, this topic is not often discussed in modern society, especially not in the frenetic environment of New York City. How did this life-changing experience influence our artistic vision and creativity? How do we fit into a society that still believes women must choose between family and art?

The women collaborating with me on this project have committed to be dedicated mothers while still pursuing their goals and dreams in music and art. The music stands alone on its own merits but invites listeners to examine the practical realities and societal position of the artist-mother. This project highlights the rich and diverse talent of each artist while giving us a platform to discuss how the challenges and benefits of motherhood shape our artistic endeavors. —Olivia De Prato

Jen Baker: Fire in the Dark (2020); Zosha Di Castri: The Dream Feed (2020); Natacha Diels: automatic writing mumbles of the late hour (2020); Ha-Yang Kim: may you dream of rainbows in magical lands (2021); Pamelia Stickney: noch unbenannt (2021); Katharine Young: Mycorrhiza I (2021)

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"This is a thrilling and inventive collection teeming with vitality." —Musicweb International

"This is brilliant and challenging music, expertly played." —CD Hotlist

"A half dozen pieces, all in an experimental vein and hypervirtuosic in terms of demands, yet each distinct and compelling in their own right. De Prato remains an extraordinary advocate and here presents an imaginatively conceived and superlatively performed recording." —Sequenza 21

"The music on this album is avant-garde, piercing and inspiring... De Prato is superb as performer and collaborator." —The Whole Note

The Best Contemporary Classical of 2022 —Bandcamp

Olivia De Prato

I, A.M. - Artist Mother Project: New Works for Violin and Electronics

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Track Listing

automatic writing mumbles of the late hour
Natacha Diels
Mycorrhiza I
Katherine Young
may you dream of rainbows in magical lands
Ha-Yang Kim
noch unbenannt
Pamelia Stickney
Fire in the Dark
Jen Baker
The Dream Feed
Zosha Di Castri