Alvin Curran: Schtyx
Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCR668     Release Date: 2007-01-01
Abel – Steinberg – Winant Trio; David Abel, violin, hi-hat, dog whistle; Julie Steinberg, piano, prepared piano, harmonica, bass drum, violin, dog whistle; William Winant, percussion, violin, dog whistle Sharon Wood, violin;Meg Tichener: viola; Dina Weinschelbaum: cello

Alvin Curran has realized a long and fruitful career as a composer/performer/ installation artist, writer, and teacher in the American experimental music tradition. Born in Providence in 1938, he studied with Ron Nelson, Elliott Carter, and Mel Powell, and co-founded the group Musica Elettronica Viva in 1966 in Rome, where he currently resides. His music, whether chamber works, radio-art, large-scale environmental theater, or solo performance, embraces all sounds, all spaces, and all people. He has taught at Rome’s National Academy of Theater Arts (1975–1980), Mills College (1991–2006), and the Mainz Hochschule für Musik (2011); published extensively on music, his own music, and other artists; clocked thousands of live performances and has a discography of more than thirty solo and sixty collaborative recordings. A book about his work, Alvin Curran: Live in Roma, was edited by Daniela Tortora, and The Alvin Curran Fakebook, an illustrated compendium of (mostly) notated pieces was published in 2015. Recent highlights: On Hearing the Brooklyn Bridge Sing in Yiddish (2010/2015); Circus Maximus for 17 musicians
, electronics, plus video by Theo Eshetu (2011); Toss and Find for the Trisha Brown Dance Company (2011); Maritime Rites New York for brass bands in rowboats (2012); Harvard’s Elson Lectureship (2012); Symphony 1.1 (2012); conduction of improvising orchestras; Viola Voilà featuring 10 violas (2014); Beams Reykjavik (2015); The Book of Beginnings for orchestra, youth orchestra, two self-playing pianos, and app (2015); Concerto for Bathtub and Orchestra (2017); A Banda Larga (Broad Band), a street symphony (2018).

Best-known works: For Cornelius, Hope Street, Tunnel Blues, and Inner Cities for piano; Schtyx for piano-violin-percussion trio; Electric Rags for saxophone quartet; Oh Brass on the Grass Alas for 300 amateur brass-band musicians; Crystal Psalms and Maritime Rites for radio; the Toto Donaueschingen, Gardening with John, Shin Far Shofar, and Pian de Pian Piano sound installations; solo performance pieces from Songs and Views from the Magnetic Garden and Canti Illuminati to Endangered Species.

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Alvin Curran: Schtyx

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Alvin Curran
Alvin Curran