Arthur Kreiger, William Matthews, Elias Tanenbaum: Electronic Works
Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCRL483     Release Date: 2011-04-15

Arthur Kreiger writes:

"Dance for Sarah (1976) and Theme and Variations (1977) were designed to explore a rich palette of electronic sounds. Timbres are often presented in a state of flux, approximating the opulence of acoustic instruments without imitating their specific colors. The sounds manipulated in these compositions were generated on the now-standard assemblage of classical analogue tape equipment bolstered by an early model Buchla Synthesizer. Cutting, splicing, and mixing — techniques handed down from the first makers of tape-recorder music — were used to extend short segments into longer melodic lines and more dense textures.

William Matthews writes:

"Aurora, A Waltz, uses a few distinctly electronic timbres, but mostly uses sounds with sharp attacks and immediate decays, similar to those of the piano. These sounds were chosen to emphasize the energetic rhythmic life of the musical structures employed.

Elias Tanenbaum writes:

"The material used in Contradictions is varied. There are both electronically generated and concrete sounds. The work opens with a man's voice saying, 'Sounds are.' That phrase expresses my feelings about this work; sounds are whatever they are and stand by themselves."

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Arthur Kreiger, William Matthews, Elias Tanenbaum: Electronic Works

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Track Listing

Dance for Sarah
Arthur Kreiger
Theme and Variations
Arthur Kreiger
Aurora, A Waltz
William Matthews
Elias Tanenbaum