John Alden Carpenter: Sea Drift Henry Hadley: Scherzo Diabolique Daniel Gregory Mason: Chanticleer (Festival Overture) Quincy Porter: Dance in Three-Time Albany Symphony Orchestra, Julius Hegyi Daniel Gregory Mason, Quincy Porter, John Alden Carpenter and Henry Hadley believed in the conservation of traditional musical values, advocated contemporary music accessible to the concert public, and crafted compositions of the highest order. For them, abiding music, whatever modernisms it introduced, built on the examples of its predecessors. As such, these four works-firmly rooted in the European tradition while incorporating elements of the prevailing trends-are excellent examples of American orchestral music between the wars before the ascension of modernism.

Albany Symphony Orchestra


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Track Listing

Chanticleer Festival Overture
Daniel Gregory Mason
Dance in Three-Time
Quincy Porter
Sea Drift
John Alden Carpenter
Scherzo Diabolique
Henry Hadley