Extended Saxophone
Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCRL431     Release Date: 2011-03-15

Albert Regni, saxophone; University of Texas Percussion Ensemble (Bruce Radek, Mark Singer, Steve Harris, Joe Clark); George Frock, conductor

In Dimensions III and IV for saxophone and tape. Barton McLean has blended the contrasting images of live and taped sounds, first by using saxophone sound events as tape sources, albeit modified through varying of tape speed, tape loops, synthesizer-generated modifications, etc.; and second, by blurring the distinction between tape and instrumental sounds by giving the live saxophone part a considerable number of electronic-sounding passages to play. These two works move away from the abstract pitch- rhythm world and toward a richer palette of basic human gestural and timbral sounds.

Karl Korte writes:

Symmetrics was composed in 1973 for the University of Texas Percussion Ensemble. The pitch material is derived from symmetric hexachords. The piece explores extended resources of the saxophone utilizing quarter-tones, 'false' fingerings, and multiphonics. One
of the several jazz 'licks' heard along the way is intended as a small tribute to jazz giant Lester Young.”

Kevin Hanlon writes:

Variations for alto saxophone and tape delays is the first in a series of pieces involving live performers and tape delays. The tape delays are created by using a single tape which passes through two reel-to-reel stereo tape recorders, the first on 'record' the second on 'play.' Feeding the live sound into the first tape deck will cause the signal to be played back on the second tape deck a short time later. The amount of time-delay depends on how far apart the decks are from one another, and may thus be controlled precisely. As the first delay sounds, its signal may be rerouted back to the first tape deck and then to the second machine again, causing a second delay of the same material at twice the time distance from the initial sound.

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Albert Regni

Extended Saxophone

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Dimensions III
Barton McLean
Dimensions IV
Barton McLean
Karl Korte
Kevin Hanlon