Laderman & Trimble: Orchestral Works
Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCR555     Release Date: 2007-01-01

Albany Symphony Orchestra; Julius Hegyi, conductor

Ezra Laderman has said of Pentimento:

“The drama of the work lies in the memories of time past jostled into recognition for a fleeting moment and then disturbed by that recognition, reacting to it. The music’s statement—this is what it was, this is the reaction to it, what now, what yet—demands a response, and, as you will hear, it is one ultimately of intense affirmation. These memories, each musically significant, interplay with the shifting drama of the score. The memories showing my early musical influences—Mozart, Shostakovich, Wagner, Bartók—are encapsulated within the fabric of the work itself. The layers which I have bared move ultimately toward the cohesion that reflects my music today...

"When the Albany Symphony Orchestra commissioned Lester Trimble to write an orchestral work in honor of Albany’s 300th Anniversary as a chartered city, they stipulated only that the work be celebratory in nature and about 25 minutes in length. The Symphony No.3, “The Tricentennial” was the composer’s response...

"Two excerpts from a radio interview preceding the premiere reveal the composer’s intention: “This is my Third Symphony, and like my First and Second, it falls within the category of ‘Symphony’ as we think of it. The works I’ve done with a ‘collage’ technique—the Panels particularly-I don’t think of as being symphonic in what they are saying. I think that a symphony is like a novel—that it has philosophical content of one sort or another, which another category of composition need not have,” and, “In this work I sense that although the three movements are distinct, they in fact form a continuity from beginning to end. I feel there is a kind of philosophical story running through the entire work.”

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Albany Symphony Orchestra

Laderman & Trimble: Orchestral Works

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Track Listing

Ezra Laderman
Symphony No. 3 "The Tricentennial": I. Allegro Moderato
Lester Trimble
Symphony No. 3 "The Tricentennial": II. quarter-note = 60
Lester Trimble
Symphony No. 3 "The Tricentennial": III. quarter-note = 84
Lester Trimble