Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCRL459     Release Date: 2010-07-01
James Forger, saxophone; Deborah Moriarty, piano; Arioso Trio: [Benjamin Hudson, violin; Judith Davidoff, cello; Harold Lewin, piano]; Robert Weirich, piano; James Avery, piano; Steven Schick, percussion

John Anthony Lennon writes:

"Distances Within Me was commissioned by James Forger for the National Saxophone Congress in Chicago and premiered there in 1979.

The title refers to a range of emotions and reflects the instinctive, rather than formal, way the piece was composed. Several recurring themes or motives give the sense of a rondo form to the work although it is actually through-composed. I have attempted to arrange the pace at which the emotions shift by creating areas of different intensity (i.e. degree of chromaticism) and density."

Eleanor Cory writes:

"Designs revolves around solos for violin, piano, and cello which begin each of its three sections. The instruments play simple, lyrical music in their solos, saving their virtuosic capabilities for tutti passages. Separation among the instruments is most pronounced in a passage where the strings play widely-spaced octaves in contrast to the piano's continuous disjunct activity. The instruments' sounds are fused to create new timbres in other sections, most notably in a slow, atmospheric passage near the end of the piece.

Chester Biscardi writes:

"Mestiere is a celebration of the dramatically contrasting sonorities (incisive vs. lyrical) which are naturally suggested by the piano. The Italian title means craft, business, occupation — whatever is necessary to one's profession or art. The word 'mestiere' refers to what one is and does, what is integral to one's life and work. The word is also used here in the sense implied by the title of the collected journals of Cesare Pavese, Il Mestiere Di Vivere — The Business of Living.

Charles Wuorinen writes:

"My Percussion Duo was a joint commission from Steven Schick and James Avery, both then of the University of Iowa. These artists gave the first performance on October 20, 1979, at the University of Iowa.

"The work is in an unproblematic single movement, and for most of its length, it treats the two members of the duet as a single sonority. The percussion (vibraphone and marimba only) compensates for the fact that its range cannot match that of the more expansive piano by having two timbres at its disposal; through this device, real equality between the two players is achieved."

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Distances Within Me
John Anthony Lennon
Eleanor Cory
Chester Biscardi
Percussion Duo
Charles Wuorinen