Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra – für Wolfgang Amadeus
Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCR669     Release Date: 2007-01-01
Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra; Allan Vogel, oboe; Richard Altenbach, violin; Ralph Morrison, violin; Roland Kato, viola; Rowena Hammill, cello; Donald Crockett, Conductor; Richard Todd, horn; Gary Gray, clarinet; James Bonn, fortepiano; Jennifer Woodward, violin; Patricia Mabee, EMAX II sampler; David Shostac, flute

Of the many differences between the nature of musical life in Mozart’s time and that in our own, one in particular probably stands out for today’s composer more than any other—indeed, it makes us a little envious—and that is the fact that in the eighteenth century nearly all music performed then was new music. And so, when the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra planned its 1991 festival in observance of the 200th anniversary of Mozart’s death, a decision was made to carry on the eighteenth century’s commitment to contemporary music by commissioning four Americans to compose new chamber works as homages to Mozart. There was only one informal proviso: that each composer consider taking as a point of departure the instrumentation of a Mozart chamber work.

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Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra – für Wolfgang Amadeus

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Track Listing

Celestial Mechanics: I. Liberamente
Donald Crockett
Celestial Mechanics: II. Allegro energico
Donald Crockett
Wir Küssen Ihnen Tausendmal Die Hände
Stephen Hartke
Woven Serenade
Rand Steiger
Schoenberg, Schenker and Schillinger
Libby Larsen