Meyer Kupferman
Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCRL476     Release Date: 2011-04-15
Gilbert Kalish, piano; Max Pollikoff, violin; Meyer Kupferman, clarinet

Meyer Kupferman writes:

"When I composed The Celestial City in 1974 for my dear friend, Gilbert Kalish, I conceived of the work as a concerto for piano and orchestra even though the piece has no orchestra. The tape accompaniment is scored for two tracks of prerecorded piano, which provide a background that is as imposing and as colorful as an orchestra and that is more flexible. The combined sound of these tightly coordinated pianos creates a contemporary 'superpiano!' which can dazzle us with its endless displays of astonishing keyboard sonorities and which apparently requires an indefatigable 'six-handed' virtuoso (like Kalish) to operate...

"[The Garden of My Father's House] is a musical ritual, based on a C-sharp drone, or pedal note, that is heard without interruption, across several ranges, throughout the piece. The violin's drone tremolos, often combined with perfect fifths and quarter-tone tunings, imply the key of C- sharp minor. The violin part is always rubato — lyrical, expressive and frequently very passionate. But, most importantly, the violin is always tonal.

"The clarinet, on the other hand, is atonal, its pitches drawn from the twelve-tone row that I used to write my Cycles of Infinities. The style of the clarinet is contemporary, using wide-range intervals, biting accents and unusual instrumental effects, including fluttertonguing and quarter-tone trills...

Written for violin, [Angel Footprints] is a 'treble' piece by nature. While composing it, I discovered that my melodies always seemed to ascend, creating additional emphasis on the music's treble character (I soon realized that it was best not to fight this tendency, so I just let it happen.) A considerable range of coloristic, melodic, harmonic and rhythmic devices were therefore required to compensate for the absence of low notes, but no electronic tape manipulations were necessary...

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Meyer Kupferman

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Track Listing

The Celestial City
Meyer Kupferman
The Garden of My Father's House
Meyer Kupferman
Angel Footprints
Meyer Kupferman