Moevs: Concerto Grosso; Druckman: Windows
Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCRL457     Release Date: 2011-04-15
Wanda Maximilien, pianist; Raymond DesRoches, Richard Fitz, Louis Oddo, Bruce Patti, Stephen Payson, percussionists; Orchestra of the 20th Century; Arthur Weisberg, Conductor

Robert Moevs writes:

“In 1960, a preliminary version of the Concerto Grosso was set down under pressure while I was composer-in-residence at the American Academy in Rome. It was apparent at the time that the work suggested more than the rather straight-forward proportional system, based on units of five, that it then embodied. In 1968, I returned to it, recast the materials into a more complex system based on a 60-beat periodicity of four simultaneous systems.

“A highly ordered world evolves from the simplest of elements (the minor second). This world is brought under attck by a disintigrative force (disassociated, non-measured notes and gestures) that begins its destructive action in the depths of the orchestra, as one says, and ultimately overwhelms all, except for the bell that marks the 60-beat spans.

Jacob Druckman writes:

Windows was strongly shaped by the circumstances surrounding its composition and, primarily, by the personality of the late Bruno Maderna who requested the work and conducted the first performances. Bruno's musicality was a fascinating combination of intense Italianate Romanticism and the sporting nature of a gambler. For him, “aleatory” was simply part of the adventure of Romanticism...

“The Windows of the title are windows inward. They are points of light which appear as the thick orchestral textures part, allowing us to hear, fleetingly, moments out of time – memories, shadows of ghosts. The imagery is as though, having looked at an unpeopled wall of windows, one looks away and senses the after-image of a face.”

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Orchestra of the 20th Century

Moevs: Concerto Grosso; Druckman: Windows

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Track Listing

Concerto Grosso for Piano, Percussion and Orchestra
Robert Moevs
Jacob Druckman