Monod, Weber & Shifrin
Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCRL358     Release Date: 2010-12-15
Merja Sargon, soprano; Patricia Spencer, flute; Susan Barrett, oboe; Allen Blustine, clarinet; Frank Morelli, bassoon; Michael Martin, horn; Donald Butterfield, tuba; Maria Parisella, mandolin; Maria Parisella, violin; Frederic Hand, guitar; Amy Shulman, harp; Thomas James, piano; Donald Palma, bass; Joseph Passaro, percussion; Raymond Des Roches, percussion; Jacques-Louis Monod, Conductor; New Music Quartet; Broadus Erle, violin; Matthew Raimondi, violin; Walter Trampler, viola; Claus Adam, cello; Fine Arts Quartet; Leonard Sorkin, violin; George Sopkin, violin; Bernard Zaslow, viola; Abram Loft, cello

Jacques-Louis Monod writes:

“My Cantus Contra Cantum I, (1972) is a song cycle in one movement for woman's voice and chamber ensemble. It is made up of seven sections: The first and the last are hummed vocalises, and the middle five are settings of French texts by Paul Eluard and Jean Senn (chosen for their complementary treatment of the imagery germinating from the word visage).

Ben Weber writes:

“The structure of [String Quartet No. 2, Opus 35] is, briefly, an opening thematic amalgam of two distinct sections; the first part serves as a slow introduction, quickly followed by a second part (scherzando) which leads directly into a series of three separate variations played without pause which close the whole first main section of the piece. These lead immediately into a development section, during which the material of the three variations is developed more elaborately, leading into a reprise of the opening of the quartet, presented in a more evanescent manner, but leading into a full development of the scherzando portion. This developed scherzando, much greater in length than in its original presentation, forms the rhythmically excited coda of the whole work. So in a way it is a work that could easily make the claim to be in a very elaborate Sonata Form in one movement.”

Seymour Shifrin (b. New York, 1926) was educated at the High School of Music and Art and Columbia University and was instructed in composition by William Schuman, Otto Luening and Darius Milhaud. He taught for many years at the University of California at Berkeley and then became Professor of Music at Brandeis University. He has been the recipient of the Beams Prize, Copley Award, Horbit Award and Fulbright and Guggenheim Fellowships. His Three Pieces for Orchestra (1958) won the Naumburg Award and was recorded by the London Sinfonietta under Jacques-Louis Monod. This record received the Koussevitzky award for 1972, the composer's second.

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Monod, Weber & Shifrin

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Track Listing

Cantus Contra Cantum I
Jacques-Louis Monod
String Quartet No. 2, Op. 35
Ben Weber
String Quartet No. 4: I. Lirico
Seymour Shifrin
String Quartet No. 4: II. Comodo, delicately, leisurely
Seymour Shifrin
String Quartet No. 4: III. Misurato; Allegro
Seymour Shifrin