Music for Merce, Vol. 7 (digital only)
Liner Notes   Cat. No. 80712     Release Date: 2011-06-09
The late Merce Cunningham was renowned for his legendary collaborations with the most significant experimental musicians of the late 20th century. Particularly notable is his association with John Cage, who served as the founding musical director of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company until Cage’s death in 1992.

Spanning six decades from the early 1950s onward, these recordings capture the breadth of the Cunningham repertory and the rich diversity of Cunningham’s musical collaborations. Composers whose work features prominently in this collection include seminal figures of late-20th-century experimental music such as John Cage, David Tudor, Gordon Mumma, Christian Wolff, and Takehisa Kosugi, among others. For the most part, these compositions have not been recorded elsewhere and are making their first appearance on CD. This is a document of enormous historical import that will be a revelation to both listeners and scholars interested in the evolution of American experimental music over the past five decades. The box set includes a 124-page booklet featuring a 15,000-word essay by Amy Beal, one of the foremost scholars of contemporary American music.

Volume Seven includes:

1. Takehisa Kosugi (b. 1938)
Spectra (1989) 20:29
Dance: Cargo X (1989)
Takehisa Kosugi, live electronics percussion with contact mics, voice; David Tudor, Michael Pugliese, live electronics, percussion with contact mics
(Recorded July 26, 1989, Cannes)

2. John Cage (1912–1992) Sculptures Musicales (1989) [excerpt] 12:14
Dance: Inventions (1989)
Takehisa Kosugi, David Tudor, Michael Pugliese, various acoustic and electronic constant sounds
(Recorded June 23, 1991, Zurich)

3. David Tudor (1926–1996)
Virtual Focus (1990) [excerpt] 15:15
Dance: Polarity (1990)
David Tudor, live electronics
(Recorded October 6, 1990, Paris)

4. John Cage (1912–1992) Four3 (1991) [excerpt] 15:24
Dance: Beach Birds (1991)
Takehisa Kosugi, rainsticks, oscillator; DavidTudor, piano, rainsticks; Michael Pugliese, piano, rainsticks; John D.S. Adams, rainsticks

5. David Tudor (1926–1996)
Neural Network Plus (1992) [excerpt] 15:24
Dance: Enter (1992)
David Tudor, Takehisa Kosugi, live electronics
(Recorded June 5, 1994, Lisbon, Portugal)

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Music for Merce, Vol. 7 (digital only)

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Takeshisa Kosugi
Sculptures Musicales [excerpt]
John Cage
Virtual Focus [excerpt]
David Tudor
Four³ [excerpt]
John Cage
Neural Network Plus [excerpt]
David Tudor