Neil B. Rolnick: À La Mode: Real Time
Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCRL540     Release Date: 2011-07-15
Neil B. Rolnick, synthesizer; Relâche - The Ensemble for Contemporary Music: Lauren Wycoff, flute; Wesley Hall, clarinet; Stephen Marcucci, saxophone; John Dulik, piano; Guy Klucevsek, accordion; Charles Holdeman, bassoon; Robert Zollman, percussion; Florence Ierardi, percussion; Marshall Taylor, Conductor; Hartt Contemporary Players: Ming-Hsiu You, violin; Pei Ling Wu, viola; Ann Rule, cello; Ching-Hsin Hsu, bass; Lisa Alvarez, flute; Adriana Dal Pra, oboe; Daniel Zanella, clarinet; Mary Anne Scott, bass clarinet; Annette Apice, horn; Augustino Gagliardi, trumpet; Bradley Edwards, trombone; Ed Fast, percussion; Craig McNutt, percussion; Douglas Jackson, Conductor

À La Mode was written in 1984, and is scored for eight instruments and synthesizer. The title is indicative of the variety of meanings of the word 'mode' which are relevant to the music. Perhaps most obviously, the harmonic language of the piece is modal.

The piece also calls upon players to perform from a variety of 'modes' or styles of notation. These modes range from strictly notated segments, to repetitions of such segments which are begun and ended by the conductor, to descriptions of musical gestures to be realized by the performers.

'À La Mode' means 'in the style,' and this music is drawn from an awareness of many different musical styles. À La Mode begins and ends in clear reference to the repetitive and motoric style which has crept into the mainstream of new music over the last decade. However, there are a number of other styles which are employed as well...

As the title indicates, Real Time (1983) focuses upon the interaction of real time computer generated sounds with a large chamber ensemble. The Synclavier II is a computer and a digital synthesizer which can be controlled with a traditional piano-type keyboard and an array of buttons and foot pedals. The Synclavier's role in the piece is sometimes as a soloist, sometimes as part of the ensemble. The Synclavier makes use of a very wide variety of instrument-like timbres to complement and extend the colors of the instrumental writing... —Neil B. Rolnick

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Neil B. Rolnick: À La Mode: Real Time

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À La Mode
Neil B. Rolnick
Real Time
Neil B. Rolnick