Raoul Pleskow, Matthew Greenbaum, Stefan Wolpe: Piano Works
Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCRL538     Release Date: 2011-07-15

David Holzman, piano

Battle Piece and Displaced Spaces, though virtually contemporaneous, belong at opposite ends of Stefan Wolpe's compositional style. Battle Piece is thick, violent, uncompromising and eclectic in its stylistic infuences. Displaced Spaces is strict in its two-part writing, abstract, and of one (advanced) style. Battle Piece marks the climax of ffteen years of development, while Displaced Spaces is the frst, albeit tiny, step towards the "late" style of the 1950's and '60's.
—David Holzman

"Caprice was written in 1983.

"A three-note motive and the interval of a third that it spans serve to unite numerous and seemingly capricious changes of texture, register and syntax to which the title refers.

"Epitaph was written a year or so later. Because of the 'somber' chord with which it starts and because my teacher and friend was on my mind when I wrote it, Epitaph bears the inscription 'Stefan Wolpe in memoriam.'

"The long lines of the Epitaph seemed to me to complement the more brittle content of the Caprice and made me decide to make a two-movement entity of the pieces."
—Raoul Pleskow

"Mischsprache (Ger.: mixture-speech; e.g., conversational switching between Yiddish and English) was written for David Holzman in 1985. Electronic sounds were assembled in a home studio which includes digital and analog synthesizers, a computer (software by Dr. T), and other MIDI units.

"The title refers in part to the interplay of electronic and acoustic elements. But it also points to the construction of both of these elements, each comprised of a series of gestures contrasting in contour, mood and density. The mingling of these two series is the structure of the work."
—Matthew Greenbaum

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David Holzman

Raoul Pleskow, Matthew Greenbaum, Stefan Wolpe: Piano Works

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Track Listing

Epitaph and Caprice: I. Epitaph
Raoul Pleskow
Epitaph and Caprice: II. Caprice
Raoul Pleskow
Matthew Greenbaum
Displaced Spaces
Stefan Wolpe
Battle Piece
Stefan Wolpe