Players and Tape: Trythall/Hudson/McClellan
Players and Tape: Trythall/Hudson/McClellan
Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCRL382     Release Date: 1977-02-15
Dorian Woodwind Quintet (Karl Kraber, flute; Charles Kuskin, oboe; Jerry Kirkbride, clarinet; Jane Taylor, bassoon; Joseph Anderer, horn); Rolf Schulte, violin; Paul Dunkel, flute; Laura Flax, clarinet; Ursula Oppens, piano; Joseph Passaro, percussion; David Shulman, conductor;

Richard Trythall writes:

"In [Variations on a Theme by Franz Joseph Haydn] the taped portion plays an orchestral role to the winds' solo role. At times the prerecorded material is accompaniment and articulation only, at times it is an equal partner to the winds, and at other times it is completely in the foreground. Each of the six variations is characterized by a different distribution of these roles.

“The recorded material was constructed from tape manipulations performed upon a prerecorded theme — the 'St. Anthony Chorale' from Haydn's Divertimento No. 1. The central source is first subdivided into thematic and motivic units of various sizes, then subjected to a wide variety of musique concrete procedures. The resultant material presents not only new timbral worlds, but more importantly, new shapes derived from the generating motivic material. The mixing and recombination of these motivic forms then shape the final composition...

Omaggio A Jerry Lee Lewis, composed in 1975, was constructed utilizing similar tape studio procedures. Here the source composition was Whole Lotta' Shakin' Goin' On as performed by Jerry Lee Lewis. As in the Variations, no synthesized sounds were used in the production of this tape. A comparison between these two works should illustrate how the exclusive dependence upon a source composition for all the material of the new work assures that each work so derived will have an individual and unique sound world...

Joe Hudson writes:

“My primary concern in Sonare was to create an electronic vocabulary that would effectively contribute to a truly sensuous and organic combination of electronic sounds and live instruments. Secondly, I attempted to achieve a greater sense of pitch-continuity by stressing certain pitches in each section, thus creating a kind of structural background, By re-emphasizing these pitches at moments of climax I hoped to simulate some of the dramatic interplay of tension and resolution found in tonal music.

Randall Mcclellan writes:

Music Of The Spheres And Processional is the first of a four movement electronic composition, Tortoise Journies, which was composed between 1974 and 1975. The remaining movements are: Tortoise Dreams, Summoning the Spirits and In Celebration of the Sun. Taken together, the four movements comprise an allegory on the subject of evolution as seen through the eyes of the tortoise, an animal for whom I have the deepest respect...

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Various Artists

Players and Tape: Trythall/Hudson/McClellan

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Track Listing

Variations on a Theme by Franz Joseph Haydn
Richard Trythall
Omaggio a Jerry Lee Lewis
Richard Trythall
Joe Hudson
Music of the Spheres and Processional
Randall McClellan