Satan's Sermon and Other Electronic Fantasies
Satan's Sermon and Other Electronic Fantasies
Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCRL443     Release Date: 2011-03-15

George Todd writes:

Satan's Sermon and Variations on a Bagatelle were composed in the Bregman Electronic Studio at Dartmouth College. The sounds were produced on a Synclavier, a real-time music system driven by an Able 40 computer. This extraordinary instrument was developed by Jon Appleton, Director of the Bregman studio, and Sydney Alonso and Cameron Jones, directors of New England Digital of Norwich, Vermont, which now Manufactures the system...

Daria Semegen writes:

Spectra's thematic material is presented as short motivic bursts in the minute-long exposition, and is subsequently developed into interacting layers generating their own phrase contours through increasingly complex superimpositions. Several untempered tonal motives emerge from time to time, recurring in a diffused manner, but always in their unaltered state in contrast with the accompanying layers of activity, which are subject to constant variation and development. This compositional approach differs from the conventional use of thematic elements bound to specific rhythmic patterns in a skeletal frame, and affects the music in various ways...

Thomas Wells writes:

11.2.72, Electronic Music is divided into three sections: the outer sections employ FM and resonant-filter-produced sounds, while the middle section consists of discrete pitch material. The work is characterized by emphasis on compositional transformations of a limited amount of material.”

Jan Greenwald writes:

Duration 2 was computed on the Nova 1200 Data General computer and transferred via an interface program to the Buchla 500 digital-to-analog synthesizer. The computer program was written so that it generated pitch, rhythmic and timbre group material. More subtle timbral qualities were composed by ear. This particular program was earlier used to generate Durations (Perseverance Furthers) for Orchestra, and then applied with slightly altered input data to this version. The piece describes a linear transformation of durations from 10 to .05 seconds within a timespan of 12'50". It is dedicated to Jon Weisberger.”

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Satan's Sermon and Other Electronic Fantasies

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Track Listing

Satan's Sermon: I. -
George Todd
Satan's Sermon: II. -
George Todd
Variations on a Bagatelle
George Todd
Daria Semegen
11.2.72, Electronic Music
Thomas Wells
Duration 2
Jan Greenwald