Tison Street, Henri Lazarof, Loren Rush
Liner Notes   Cat. No. NWCRL381     Release Date: 2011-01-15
Concord Quartet (Mark Sokol, Andrew Jennings, John Kochanowski, Norman Fischer) Marcus Thompson, viola; James Galway, flute; San Francisco Contemporary Music Players (Roy Malan, violin; Robert Galbraith, violin and viola; Nancy Ellis, viola; Robert Sayre, cello) conducted by Jean-Louis LeRoux

Tison Street writes:

“The String Quintet 1974 was conceived, generally, as a kind of rondo-brillante where bravura string playing of great velocity would be wedded to virtuosic contrapuntal writing. In form the work is basically a continual alternation between ricercar sections and chaconne sections with a canzone — a moment of tranquil contemplation — set in the center. The last third of the piece is a grand finale in which the elements of these sections, previously kept separate, are combined and put into new juxtapositions. The combination of ricercar and chaconne is the catalyst for an enormous climax. Later on the canzone is recalled, accompanied by distant memory-fragments of the ricercar; finally a brief coda in stretto brings the quintet to a rapid close.

Henri Lazarof writes:

Cadence V was written for and is dedicated to James Galway. The soloist uses the C, alto and bass flutes, and the tape consists of pre-recorded C, alto and bass flutes on 2 or 4 channels. Cadence V is in one continuous movement with its different sections clearly delineated by the diverse use of the flutes.”

Loren Rush writes:

“[String Quartet in C# Minor] was written for an imaginary ensemble of virtuoso string players. That is, the virtuosi did exist and I had heard them play, but they weren't playing in the same quartet. It is in one movement which is the result of five individually characterized sections. In the large central section the second violinist changes to viola with the lowest string tuned down a minor third. The quartet is expressed in a highly chromatic environment in which the chromaticism is structured throughout by tonal reference.

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Tison Street, Henri Lazarof, Loren Rush

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Track Listing

String Quintet
Tison Street
Cadence V
Henri Lazarof
String Quartet in C-Sharp Minor
Loren Rush