William Hellermann: Three Weeks in Cincinnati in December
Liner Notes   Cat. No. 80789     Release Date: 2017-01-13

"Can you imagine a piece that combines the athleticism of an uphill marathon run on a continuously steepening course with an ethereal, otherworldly sound that takes you out of body? The athleticism in this piece is a non-stop circular breathing run for close to an hour! And what is being circular breathed? A highly evolved, gorgeous multiphonic world shimmering though a continuous breath tremolo!

"This incredible duality between the physical and ethereal makes for a musical and emotional experience unlike any other. Before I coalesced my identity as a composer-performer, there was a period in the 1970s when I asked a number of composers to write works for me. Of the solo flute pieces from that time, Three Weeks in Cincinnati in December is by far the most unique and indeed the very best." Robert Dick

"Three Weeks in Cincinnati in December is the last of four compositions I wrote in the late 70s for solo instruments. They all feature a focus on a specific instrumental technique that was both unusual and difficult. Three Weeks… was exceptional in that it featured three such techniques taking place simultaneously: circular breathing for close to one hour, a continuous diaphragm tremolo, and a succession of beautiful yet very challenging multiphonics.

"The piece was conceived of and written in close collaboration with the extraordinary flute virtuoso, Robert Dick. Without his involvement I would never have dared to write such a piece and without him it never could have been performed. The intent of all the pieces in the group of four was to explore the special tension attained through the intense physical and mental focus demanded of the performer. This results in sounds I feel have a very complex, not entirely predictable, beauty." Bill Hellermann

Robert Dick

William Hellermann: Three Weeks in Cincinnati in December

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Three Weeks in Cincinnati in December
William Hellermann