Scott Joplin's "Treemonisha": Articles and Reviews

Scott Joplin’s (1867–1917) opera Treemonisha is an astounding work of art, and one that resonates on many levels. It is the only opera in existence about the Reconstruction Era African-American experience written by a black man who actually lived through it. This fact alone makes Treemonisha a work of tremendous significance. Further, Joplin’s music is profoundly expressive and as stylistically unique as anything ever created in America. There is nothing remotely comparable to it...

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"Scott Joplin's Ragtime is Ambrosia. Here's Why it Matters." at The New York Times.

"Treemonisha was Joplin’s magnum opus, a classical/ragtime synthesis of Wagnerian proportions" at Black Grooves.

"Rick Benjamin’s reconstruction of Scott Joplin’s lone surviving opera Treemonisha from the existing vocal/piano score is nothing less than a revelation of historical research and musicology" at Classics Today.

"Without doubt this new recording of Scott Joplin's opera Treemonisha is both welcome and significant" at MusicWeb International.

"'Treemonisha' as It Was Intended To Be" at The Wall Street Journal.

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Available offiline: "Scott Joplin's Treemonisha." Journal of the Society for American Music / Volume 7 / Issue 01 / February 2013, pp 112 - 115


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