Ash Fure: Something To Hunt (Pre-Order)
Ash Fure: Something To Hunt (Pre-Order)
Ash Fure: Something To Hunt (Pre-Order)
Liner Notes   Cat. No. SA008     Release Date: 2020-10-30

Available for Pre-Order September 4, 2020!

It feels false to refer to this release simply as the music of Ash Fure, because the world Fure creates is experientially so much more than what can be contained in a sound file, a text, a remembrance. Her work is tactile and sensuous—performances as haptic memory object—and encompasses ideas that transcend combinations of frequencies or a mapping of sound. Her compositions are as close to a microcosm of life as any I’ve ever experienced.

This document, however, is a good example of how Fure’s work propagates. The recording and text is historical; the music contained within spans the earlier part of her, still early, career and it represents only a strain of her process. Fure’s current work favors more multisensory experiential moments over the rigorous collection of chamber or orchestral acoustic and electronic sound contained here. The pieces on this release are articulated moments in her progress toward this new mode of thinking; they expand and explode our definition of chamber music. It is almost hard to believe that these sounds could be the carefully constructed, notated, and articulated product of a single creative spirit. And yet, here we are, engaging with a fresh voice in contemporary composition who will make us rethink what is possible.

The music here features the indefatigable virtuosity of Fure's long-time collaborators and close allies, the International Contemporary Ensemble. Warmly captured by Ryan Streber at Oktaven Studios, the music by the ensemble (as well as the iconoclastic voices of Rebekah Heller, Brandon Lopez, and Nate Wooley on A Library on Lightning and the live orchestra recording of Bound to the Bow) are presented as they should be: close, transparent sound that inhabits your psyche and transcends form, melody, and harmony.

All compositions by Ash Fure

Soma, Something to Hunt, and A Library on Lightning recorded on March 1, 2019 at Oktaven Audio by Ryan Streber

Shiver Lung recorded on March 2, 2019 at The Bunker Studio by Caley Monahan-Ward

Bound to the Bow recorded live at the 2016 New York Philharmonic Biennial in David Geffen Hall on June 5, 2016

All compositions mixed and mastered by Ryan Streber and Ash Fure

Produced for Sound American Publications by Nate Wooley Design by Daniel Flodin and Jesper Canell

International Contemporary Ensemble

Ash Fure: Something To Hunt (Pre-Order)

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