Sound American Volume 2 · Issues Four Through Seven
Liner Notes   Cat. No. 80794     Release Date: 2018-02-20

The second volume collecting the best of the popular online music journal Sound American in print!

In response to surprising demand, SA is has initiated a series reprinting our online back issues in softcover format. Following the sellout success of Volume 1 we're pleased to now present Volume 2 featuring the best articles, essays, and interviews from our issues originally published in 2014:

SA4: The What Is Music Issue

featuring interviews with Canary Records' Ian Nagoski, archivist legend Dick Spottswood, a new interview with Corbett vs. Dempsey's John Corbett and More!

SA5: The Philadelphia Issue

featuring interviews with Philly free jazz legends Bobby Zankel and Elliott Levin, Jack Rose is Real by Chris Forsyth and More!

SA6: The Maker Issue

featuring an instrument by instrument celebration of Harry Partch, interview with Milwaukee instrument maker Hal Rammel, and new essay by Laetitia Sonami!

SA7: The Deep Listening Issue

featuring an interview with Pauline Oliveros, versions of her text pieces by Alessandro Bosetti, Megan Schubert and Nick Hallett, and a new essay by Seth Cluett!

This beautiful trade paperback, designed by Federico Peñalva, is designed to be cherished and used. Our dream is to see beat up copies of this volume in coat pockets for years to come. Get yours now!


Sound American

Sound American Volume 2 · Issues Four Through Seven

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