Liner Notes   Cat. No. sa022     Release Date: 2019-09-27

Sound American 22: The Lee Hyla Issue

Guest edited by Shawn Jaeger

Featuring remembrances and appreciations of the deeply missed composer by Stephen Drury, Rhonda Rider, David Rakowski, Bryan Hayslett, Chris Fisher-Lochhead, Eliza Brown, Scott Wheeler, and Ben Hjertmann.

As well as articles by or with Jerome Harris, Charissa Noble, Rick Moody, Sam Amidon, Colin Stetson, Claire Chase, Kate Soper, and Eric Wubbels.

Also photos from Katherine Desjardins and exquisite corpse from Shawn Jaeger!

Each issue of Sound American is:
  • Beautifully designed by Remake Design
  • Printed offset by die Keure, one of the finest book printers in the world, in a unique Pantone color on Holmen paper
  • Bound with the highest quality thread-sewn binding, using cold glue and Otabind™. Each copy lies open, stays completely flat, and will last a lifetime.

Sound American

Sound American 22 · The Lee Hyla Issue

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